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Somni Rosae has had a lot of fun creating merch that not only represents her brand, it also represents, in her view, ASMR. For a show & tell of the products, check out her video “My ASMR Store



“The Tell Izel Show” is a collection of ghost and mysterious stories written by Somni Rosae. They are presented in ASMR format, which means there’s some whispering, mouth sounds and is narrated in a soft voice. It is currently available for download and streaming on all audio platforms like Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer and more.

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One of Somni Rosae’s beloved character returns in “Izel’s House”, which is a collection of true ghost and mysterious stories told through the fictional character, Izel. This first edition is available in paperback, ebook and will soon be available in audio by the end of July 2019. Unlike the ASMR audio album “The Tell Izel Show”, the audio book “Izel’s House” is not in ASMR format.

Later this year, the book will be translated in other languages.

Izel and her ethereal roommates would appreciate it if you’d write a positive review wherever you listen or purchase the book. This would help others find it and and enjoy or be spooked by these stories.